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Food grade silica
Application scope of food grade silica:
Silica is a kind of anti caking agent. Anti caking agent, also known as anti caking agent, is a material used to prevent granular or powdery food from aggregating and keep it loose or free flowing. Its particles are fine, loose, porous, strong adsorption, easy to absorb, resulting in the formation of dispersed water, oil, etc., so as to keep the food in powder or particle state.
Food grade anti caking agents licensed in China currently include food grade silica, which can be directly mixed into materials for consumption, because fungus foods and calcium tablets also have this trace chemical composition, but there is a strict proportion in addition
Classification for food name / Max usage g / kg
1 milk powder (including sweetened milk powder) and cream powder and their prepared products 15.0
2 other oils and fats or oil products (only vegetable fat powder) 15.0
3 cocoa products (fat, powder, sauce and stuffing with cocoa as the main raw material) 15.0
4 dehydrated egg products (such as protein powder, egg yolk powder and protein tablets) 15.0
5 other sweeteners (powdered sugar only) 15.0
6 spices 20.0
7 solid compound seasoning 20.0
8 maternal (Nursing) formula 15.0
9 solid drinks 15.0
10 instant coffee 15.0
11 others (for bean product process) 0.025
(for compound defoamer, calculated by the usage per kilogram of soybean)
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