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Matting agent

Product Features of Matting Agent: (Mainly used for oil paint, coating and leather)
1. The effect of its extinction is very good. It reaches the same degree of matte. The dosage is low. It can be used for making coating of half-matte, subdued-light and full-matte.
2. The dispersibility is good. It can be produced into matt lacquer by adopting common high disperser.
3. Its transparency is good so that it cannot generate vaporific; there is no returning albescent and modification during stretch.
4. Within coating storage period, there is no generated hard precipitation.
5. It has no influence on desiccation and solidification for coating.
6. It has no influence on recoatability for coating.
7. The film is flat and smooth; scratch and impact resistance are both good.
8. It has no influence on durability and weather resistance for film.
Product Technical Specification of Matting Agent:

Series Appearance Content of Sio2 PH value BET DBP Particle size Pore volume Main application
CT-102 White powder 98.5 6.9-7.1 230-260 220-320 5um 1.4-1.5 It is used for extinction of ordinary decorating paint, wood lacquer, furniture lacquer and dalle.
CT-107 White powder (aerogel) 98.5 6.9-7.1 280 300-310 5um 1.8 It is used for furniture lacquer, wood lacquer, scroll-steel top-coat
CT-1031 White powder 98.6 6.9-7.1 250-270 340-380 3um 1.2 It is used for dedicated coating with strong adsorption, adsorbent of high oil-absorbed value product
CT-104 White powder 98.6 6.9-7.1 200 480 3um 1.6 It is dedicated for high-grade paint and printing ink, and leather special varnish.
CT-200 White powder(gas phase) 99.9 6.9-7.1 200-380 220-280 20-40um 1.8-2.0 Good transparency, general extinction effect, mainly has a good anti-sedimentation effect.
CT-107L A white powder (hydrophobic) 99.9 6.9-7.1 320 260 20-30um 1.8 High-grade furniture paint, matte paint, acrylic acid and so on, advertising coating, leather additives, special varnish, etc.

Product Usage of Matting Agent:
   CT-101 belongs to commonly used matting agent, which is used for ordinary decorating paint, wood lacquer, furniture lacquer and dalle;
  CT-102 is our company's new product, which is developed specially for extinction of plastic film and plastic resin   
CT-103,103Lis mainly used for high-grade furniture lacquer, wood lacquer, decorating paint, scroll-steel top-coat and other this indursties;  
 W-200 is the matting agent of a new generation, which is developed by our compay through introducing new technologies, whose outstanding features are large superficial area, big pore volume and high grade of transparency. It is mainly used for extinction of high-grade oil paint and plastic film with high grade of transparency. The effect is comparable with Grace series of US.
Extinction powder CT-105 hydrophobic silica suitable for oily system. Do not melt water soluble oily substance.
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