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The purpose of the silica and physical properties
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Use of silica and the physical properties of SiO2
Use of silica and the physical properties of SiO2
Silica SiO2 Specification :1-3mm / 2-4mm
SiO2 , also known as silica. Is widely distributed in nature , such as quartz , quartz sand. White or colorless , high iron content is pale yellow. Density of 2.2 to 2.66 , melting point 1670 ℃ ( tridymite ); 1710 ℃ ( cristobalite ) . Boiling point 2230 ℃, the relative dielectric constant of 3.9 . Insoluble in water slightly soluble in acid, showed granular state can play a role and the molten alkalis . Used in making glass, water glass , ceramics , enamel , refractory , ferrosilicon, sand , elemental silicon.
Silica SiO2 purposes:
Silicon standard solution . Water glass , the silicon compound material . Integrated circuit transistor and the impurity diffusion for the masking film and a protective layer made of silicon dioxide film as the integrated circuit device . Glass industry .
SiO ₂ in the Si-O bond in a high melting point , high boiling point ( melting point 1723 ℃, boiling point 2230 ℃).
SiO ₂ + 4HF = SiF4 ↑ + 2H ₂ O
Acid oxygen Continuity :
Of silica and alkaline oxide
SiO ₂ + CaO = ( high ) CaSiO3
Silica can be dissolved in hot concentrated alkali solution :
SiO ₂ + 2NaOH = Na2SiO3 + H ₂ O
( Containing alkaline reagent bottle with glass stopper and not with a rubber stopper causes ) At high temperatures, the carbon dioxide can be magnesium, aluminum reduction : SiO ₂ +2 C = ( high temperature ) Si +2 CO
Silica SiO2 Physical properties:
Also known as silica dioxide , chemical formula SiO ₂. In the presence of natural crystalline silica and amorphous silica two kinds. Crystalline silica because the crystal structure , divided into the quartz, tridymite and cristobalite three. Pure quartz as colorless crystals, large transparent quartz called prismatic crystals. If they contain trace impurities of the crystal with different colors, amethyst , citrine , smoky quartz and so on. Ordinary quartz sand is fine , there are yellow sand ( more iron impurities ) and white sand ( fewer impurities than pure ) . Crystalline silica , the silicon atoms of the four valence electrons and four oxygen atoms form four covalent bond , a silicon atom in the center of the tetrahedral , 4 oxygen atoms in the four corners of a regular tetrahedron on , SiO ₂ is composed of the simple type, that is only crystalline silicon dioxide and oxygen, the ratio of the number of atoms . Silica is the atomic crystal .
Naturally occurring amorphous silica, diatomaceous earth , are aquatic diatom remains low , as a white solid or powder -like, porous , light , soft solid , strong adsorption .
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